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Academy 7 is established to contribute a quality education for a society with a holistic approach. Also, Academy 7 would like to deliver its services across the globe who are in need. In the earlier phase, Academy 7 is committed to coach chemistry subject for all levels which includes higher secondary, undergraduate and master students. Academy 7 core strength is teach organic chemistry in a simplified way. Our future directions are to unite the various subject experts and teach all the subjects under one roof. Hope Academy 7 can fulfill your expectations.

Your Instructor: Dr R Ramajayam

      • Doctorate in medicinal chemistry
      • More than 15 years of teaching and research experience in prime institutions
      • Previously associated with IIT Madras, Academia Sinica-Taiwan and Osaka University-Japan
      • Worked at high level in pharma industries
      • Specialized in organic chemistry
      • Coaching experience in competitive exams like IIT-JEE and NEET

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chemistry tutor


XI, XII (All Boards)

IIT-JEE Coaching

NEET Coaching



  • My son is in his 12th standard in a CBSE school and he was having difficulties in understanding chemistry and he lacked conceptual clarity on subjects. When he underwent classes with Dr.R.Ramajayam, he got a very good insight on basics…

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    Kalaiselvi (Parent)-2017
  • His knowledge of the subject is second to none. He is very patient and understands the needs of his students. He often relates chemistry with every day experiences which makes learning and retention of the subject easier…

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    Aishu (Student) – 2017
  • Mr.Ramajayam is an approachable and caring  professor.  His thorough knowledge of the subject and simple ways to draw the focus of students is praise worthy..

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    Muthu(Parent) – 2016



MTH Road, Ambattur,Chennai 600053.

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Wonderful tutor, Highly recommend!

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  • Chemistry tutor,Online chemistry tutor

    Chemistry tutor

    I am chemistry tutor from Chennai teaches organic chemistry for IIT-JEE, NEET, IIT-JAM and XI and XII for all boards. I can teach the chemistry subject in simple ways to make you understand very quickly. I can help the students those were struggle in organic chemistry. I also would like to teach online chemistry tuition and home tuition chemistry. I can teach any number of hours in a day until the students understands the subject. I can teach also topics in chemistry like Basic concepts of chemistry, Structure of atom, basic concepts of organic chemistry, alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, isomerism, optical isomerism, geometrical isomerism, dextrorotary and levorotatory, haloalkanes and haloarenes, alcohols, ethers and phenols, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, esters, amines, biomolecules etc.

    Online chemistry tutor

    Chemistry tutor in Anna Nagar, Chennai teaches Organic chemistry and other chemistry subjects for Engineering entrance exam coaching, IIT-JEE and Medical entrance coaching – NEET. Your online chemistry tutor can teach all topics in organic chemistry. The reactions are explained with detailed reaction mechanism. The topics can be taught from the beginning level like structure of atom, hybridization, etc. You have to fix the time in advance at least one day. You need speed internet facility. Online chemistry tuition Chennai charges very less amount and can give good quality of education. You can save your time by contacting the online chemistry tutor Chennai.

  • Chemistry Tutor


    In scientific language, Chemistry is the branch of science which study about matter in terms of its properties, interaction of chemicals with one another, product formation from one or more reactant. In real life chemistry plays a major role. Our human body is made up of chemicals, plants need these chemicals in the form of micro and macro nutrients, the food provided top animals are also comprised of chemicals.

    Branches of Chemistry:

    It has 5 branches namely:
     Analytical chemistry.
     Physical Chemistry.
     Organic Chemistry
     Inorganic Chemistry.
     Bio Chemistry.
    Among the 5 branches of Chemistry, ORGANIC CHEMISTRY is considered “Chemistry of Life” as it studies about the carbon containing compound.

    Needof Chemistry Tutor:

    Chemistry tutor is the person who teaches chemistry to the student in all places excluding school. He provides tuition to the Student and helps them to attain high proficiency in Chemistry.
    Today Chemistry Tutor are seeked by the student because of the following reasons:
     Improve the grades.
     Can study the subject basics properly.
     One on One teaching helps the student in proper understanding
     Develops Self-confidence and self-esteem,
     Child does the homework with help of the subject experts rather than the parent.
     To overcome the learning disabilities.

    Chemistry Tutor: Dr.R. Ramajayam:

    Doctorate in medicinal chemistry and specialist in Organic Chemistry, Dr.R. Ramajayam is the best Chemistry tutor among the one existing in Chennai. He is the Chemistry Tutor who teaches Chemistry and its Important Branch the Organic chemistry in a simplified way.
    He is the chemistry tutor for the following level of standards:
     Higher secondary.
     Undergraduate.
     Master degree.
     PhD students.

    Role of the Chemistry Tutor:

    Chemistry tutor have key role in tutoring chemistry to the students. Though the child learns the subject in school, yet he approaches for a tutor so that he may gain good knowledge about the subject. As a chemistry Tutor, one has the following role:
     Keenly observe the student proficiency in the subject.
     Must be able to teach in such a way that the child can easily understand the concepts and able to apply it in his studies.
     Should not be money minded. He must be service oriented person.
     Must evaluate the child promptly at regular time interval.
     Must support in student academic learning.

    To join hands with experienced CHEMISTRY TUTOR, please feel free to contact: Academy 7 (8608856198).