The main goal of Academy 7 is  make you to “learn’’ the proper concept and “unlearn” the misconception about organic chemistry. The chemistry tutor main strength is to teach organic chemistry for students from higher secondary to undergraduate level. In addition, we also give coaching for the IIT-JEE and medical course aspirants. So far in IIT-JEE and medical entrance examinations more importance had given for organic chemistry problems than physical and inorganic chemistry.

What makes the organic chemistry is difficult to students?

To be honest, from our experience, we found that most of the students said that organic chemistry is difficult to learn. Organic chemistry is totally different from any other subjects like biology, mathematics and physics. For example, biology subject could be learned easily if you listened to the lecture followed by reading the textbook. Similarly, the physics subject where you can solve the problems if you are good in understanding the concepts and the equations. When comes to organic chemistry those above said strategies getting failed (Please note that here we are mentioning about the learners). This subject requires a combination of fundamental knowledge and continuous practice of solving problems.

How chemistry tutor can help you

  • We start to teach you the theory class from the scratch like Atom, Hybridization, Acid & Base, etc.
  • At the end of every topic, problem-based learning skills will be conducted.
  • We will try to make you  integrate or correlate the concepts by conducting a cumulative type of exam.
  • Supplementary sessions will be conducted for poor students to improve their understanding.
  • At the end of every class drill questions will give them to keep active at outside classroom.
  • Mock test will be conducted before the appearance of any final exam.