Need of  Chemistry Home Tuition/Private Tutor :


Your Chemistry home tutor/tuition can help your child in following ways:


Individual attention: Your chemistry private tutor can pay more attention and highly focused on your child studies. This kind of caring is limited with the school teacher due to numerous valid reasons.


Supplementary Class: Your son/daughter may missed some important classes in school due to any convincing reasons in that time it is very difficult to understand the forthcoming concepts. Here your private tutor can able to solve your kid’s problem in quick time.


Introvert Students: To the best of my knowledge, some students are highly shy in nature though they are good in studies. Shyness of your kid may not allow him/her to involve in healthy discussions in their classroom that too in front of their friends. As a result, your son/daughter may not learn the depth knowledge of any concepts. A potential private tutor can solve these related issues.


Aspiring students: chemistry Home tutor/ chemistry Home Tuition can help aspiring students in the preparation of competitive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, any other engineering and medical entrance examinations and inspire them towards higher education.

  • Chemistry Home Tuition

    In recent years, home tuition is a new trend for learning any subjects. For anyone, their own home is the comfortable place. So you can invite your tutor to your place at your suitable time. Generally, any organic/chemistry home tuition extends for 2hours without break. Tutor will use either white or black board teaching at home tuition. This will simulate a class room atmosphere and keep you in a comfort zone. Rates for the home tuition will vary according to the distance between you and your tutor’s origin point. You can interact with organic chemistry tutor until your doubts get cleared before you move into the next topic. The above said option is not available in your school chemistry class room. Chemistry home tuition can help you to prepare for both board exam (CBSE & State board) and competitive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET and other Olympiad exams.
    Now a days going to tuition has become a fancy among the students. Due to the lack of physical attention in school, the child may not get good academic result. Along with this, tuition isconsidered as boon by weak and dull student. When a child shows lack in performance he or she is ultimately made to turn or run towards tuition.

    Types of Tuition:

    Tuition is of the following types:
     Tuition in tutors place.
     Online Tutoring.
     Home Tuition.
     Parent Tuition.

    Chemistry Home Tuition:

    Taking tuition to the students in their home is known as Home Tuition. Among the subject list difficulty level, chemistry is somewhat at the middle place according to many student’s responses and performances. Though there are many mode of tuition, now a day’s parents and children both prefer Chemistry Home Tuition. This is because, the study of the child is taking place under the parent’s supervision with help of a tutor.

    Advantages of Chemistry Home Tuition:

     Very much effective method of tuition for weak and dull students.
     The parent involvement is possible as the teaching is done at their home.
     Student can ask doubt without any hesitation to the tutor.
     Personalized attention provides Home tutor a good idea about his student so that they can guide him accordingly.
     Student get complete focus and attention of home tutor only towards them.

    Disadvantage of Chemistry Home Tuition:

     Very costly mode of tuition.
     No group interaction is possible.
     Monotonous way of interaction between tutor and the students.

    Academy7’s Chemistry Home Tuition:

    Founded by Dr.R.Ramajayam, Academy7 is an study institutions which has vastly experienced tutors for all the subject. Founder Dr.R.Ramajayam by himself teaches Chemistry, Specially Organic chemistry to all levels and standards. Let it be a concept explanation or thesis preparation, he provides ample number of support. The academy 7 has experienced tutors who devote their full effort in tutoring the needy students. Different mode of tutoring offered by Academy7 includes Home Tuition, Online Tuition, study centre and so on.

    Chemistry home tuition are provided to the following:

     Higher secondary.
     Undergraduate.
     Master degree.
     PhD students
     11th and 12th class organic chemistry. (All Boards).
     BSc, and MSc. Chemistry graduates.
     For Competitive exams like IIT-JEE and NEET coaching are given.
     Assists people in thesis preparation, project completion during final year

    log on in: Academy 7 or dial (8608856198)