As a teacher, I can understand that students are overwhelmed by Organic Chemistry course due to huge contents have to be learned. Most of the students think that it is a herculean task to cover all topics which include reaction mechanisms in a single year. Student’s success rate in organic chemistry is low when compared to physical and inorganic chemistry. Since the later said subjects, including general chemistry, are learned and studied on the basis of memory. For example, in the ideal gas chapter, we can memorize a formula PV = nRT, and we will get the correct answer also. When the similar approach comes to Organic Chemistry may not give good results. Since a long time, the “majority of the students’ voice is organic chemistry is difficult”. The students should aware that the Organic chemistry subject requires quality thinking and strong fundamentals.

Few tips to improve your understanding about Organic Chemistry

Enthusiasm: A high-level enthusiasm and interest is required to learn  any subject in particular Organic Chemistry. To be simple your first investment  is interest. Hope it is damn cheap that you can easily do it.


Knowing the Importance of Organic Chemistry: Many of the school students ignore the chemistry that too especially organic chemistry because they are not aware the role of Organic Chemistry in our day to day life. I am more confident to mention here “You will start to love organic chemistry” once you taste the importance of Organic Chemistry. Now the exciting question is: How my interest in chemistry is connected to my daily life? To find the answer of this question, we have to know the subject thoroughly.

Thumb rules to learn Organic Chemistry

  • You should be regular to class. It is very difficult to catch-up if you miss any class.
  • Try to practice more problems to improve your skill and interact periodically with your instructor to clear your doubts.
  • Learning organic chemistry is like building a pyramid; the top will collapse without a strong base. So refresh your basics whenever you struggle to understand the advanced concepts.


  1. An Overview of basic concepts of General Chemistry
  2. Acids and Bases
  3. Alkanes and Cycloalkanes
  4. Stereoisomerism
  5. Substitution Reactions
  6. Alkenes: Structure and Preparation via Elimination Reactions
  7. Addition Reactions of Alkenes
  8. Alkynes
  9. Alcohols and Phenols
  10. Ethers and Epoxides; Thiols and Sulfides
  11. Conjugated Pi Systems and Pericyclic Reactions
  12. Aromatic Compounds
  13. Aromatic Substitution Reactions
  14. Aldehydes and Ketones
  15. Carboxylic Acids and Their Derivatives
  16. Alpha Carbon Chemistry: Enols and Enolates
  17. Amines

Recommended Text Books

For the beginners and undergraduate students, it is always a difficult task on selecting the textbook for organic chemistry. No textbook is completely perfect to adopt. However, here I can recommend some text books. The last two textbooks are highly advanced and not suitable for beginners.

  • Organic Chemistry, 8th Edition by L.G Wade
  • Organic Chemistry: Structure and Function, 7th Edition by K. Peter C. Vollhardt and Neil E. Schore
  • Organic Chemistry, 2nd Edition by David R. Klein
  • Organic Chemistry, 2nd Edition by Nick Greeves, Stuart Warren and Jonathan Clayden
  • March’s Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reactions, Mechanisms and Structure, 7th Edition by Michael B.Smith
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    In scientific language, Chemistry is the branch of science which study about matter in terms of its properties, interaction of chemicals with one another, product formation from one or more reactant. In real life chemistry plays a major role. Our human body is made up of chemicals, plants need these chemicals in the form of micro and macro nutrients, the food provided top animals are also comprised of chemicals.

    Branches of Chemistry:

    It has 5 branches namely:
     Analytical chemistry.
     Physical Chemistry.
     Organic Chemistry
     Inorganic Chemistry.
     Bio Chemistry.
    Among the 5 branches of Chemistry, ORGANIC CHEMISTRY is considered “Chemistry of Life” as it studies about the carbon containing compound.

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