Need of Online Tuition/Private Tutor

In future, online tutoring will become a new method of teaching and learning for both teachers and students, in the web world. An outset, Academy 7 assimilated the learner’s demand and started online tuition service in parallel to regular and home tuition. The below given are some of the highlights of online tuition:

Learn in quick and real time: Online tuition is conducted in similar way of regular one-to-one tuition and tutors do not spend their valuable time in traveling to their client location. Here one of the advantages is tutor and client are easily connected even both stay at highly remote places.

Economic: Online tuition can be conducted at a lower cost than regular and one-to-one tuition.

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Need of Home Tuition/Private Tutor


Your home tutor/tuition can help your child in following ways:


Individual attention: Your private tutor can pay more attention and highly focused on your child studies. This kind of caring is limited with the school teacher due to numerous valid reasons.


Supplementary Class: Your son/daughter may missed some important classes in school due to any convincing reasons in that time it is very difficult to understand the forthcoming concepts. Here your private tutor can able to solve your kid’s problem in quick time.


Introvert Students: To the best of my knowledge, some students are highly shy in nature though they are good in studies. Shyness of your kid may not allow him/her to involve in healthy discussions in their classroom that too in front of their friends. As a result, your son/daughter may not learn the depth knowledge of any concepts. A potential private tutor can solve these related issues.


Aspiring students: Home tutor/tuition can help aspiring students in the preparation of competitive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, any other engineering and medical entrance examinations and inspire them towards higher education.


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  • Online chemistry Tutor

    Online Tutor:

    Person who Tutors the student viz system or through the virtual environment is known as Online Tutor. The person who tutor through online mode are highly experienced and are available 24*7, across the globe. Since online tutoring is done through internet and computer, any person can tutor any one.

    Online Chemistry Tutor:

    Online Chemistry tutor is the person who teaches chemistry to the student through white board in a virtual environment. He provides tuition to the Student and helps them to attain high proficiency in Chemistry.
    Today Online Chemistry Tutor are seeked by the student because of the following reasons:
     Improve the grades.
     Can study the subject basics properly.
     One on One teaching helps the student in proper understanding
     Develops Self-confidence and self-esteem,
     Child does the homework with help of the subject experts rather than the parent.
     To overcome the learning disabilities.

    Advantages of Studying with Online Chemistry Tutor:

    Now let us get to know what are benefit factor of getting trained by Online Chemistry Tutor.
     Firstly, it is very convenient. Whenever you are in need of a tutor they are readily available.
     As it is one on one tutoring, the online chemistry tutor will be very much dedicative towards the student.
     Online Chemistry tutor helps you with your doubt in Chemistry with the whiteboard, which has a varieties of tools through which the concept can be easily taught.
     As it is chat based teaching, instant benefit is provided.
     No home works, no black board and chalk piece, simply teaching through online mode.

    Academy7: Best Online Chemistry Tutor:

    Founded by Dr.R.Ramajayam, Academy7 is an study institutions which has vastly experienced tutors for all the subject. Founder Dr.R.Ramajayam by himself teaches Chemistry, Specially Organic chemistry to all levels and standards. Let it be a concept explanation or thesis preparation, he provides ample number of support.
    Dr.R.Ramajayam, isbest online chemistry tutor who will make the student develop a strong bond with the Chemistry. The teaching methods employed by him as chemistry teacher to teach chemistry are highly simple and easily understandable one. Dr.R.Ramajayam teaches Organic chemistry to the following grades of students:

     11th and 12th class organic chemistry. (All Boards).
     BSc, and MSc. Chemistry graduates.
     For Competitive exams like IIT-JEE and NEET coaching are given.
     Assists people in thesis preparation, project completion during final year.

    Dr.R.Ramajayam is online chemistry tutor for the following level of standards:

     Higher secondary.
     Undergraduate.
     Master degree.
     PhD students

    Students who arequiet weak in chemistry may divert their attention towards tutor because they want to increase their academic proficiency. Mostly Online Chemistry tutor are preferred because, they are instantly available, very dedicative as it is one on one training, Concepts are taught using white board where live examples related to the concepts are provided through AV aids.

    For Best ONLINE CHEMISTRY TUTOR log on in: Academy 7 or dial (8608856198).