In future, online Organic chemistry tutoring will become a new method of teaching and learning for both teachers and students, in the web world. An outset, Academy 7 assimilated the learner’s demand and started online tuition service in parallel to regular and home tuition. The below given are some of the highlights of online tuition:

Learn in quick and real time: Online Organic Chemistry tuition is conducted in similar way of regular one-to-one tuition and tutors do not spend their valuable time in traveling to their client location. Here one of the advantages is tutor and client are easily connected even both stay at highly remote places.

Economic: Online Organic chemistry can be conducted at a lower cost than regular and one-to-one tuition.

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  • Online Organic Chemistry

    Online organic chemistry tuition services are available around the clock at your convenient time. One-to-One discussion will assist you to learn without any hindrance, if both sides had good speed of internet and other necessary tools. Here I cover the wide range of topics like Riemer-Tiemann reaction, Kolbes reaction, Friedel-Crafts reactions, Aromatic Nucleophilic substitution and Aromatic electrophilic substitution reactions, Halogenation, Aldol condensation reaction, Cyclohexane boat and chair Conformation, etc. You can save the entire online organic chemistry class session for your future references.

    Invention of computer and internet has made tremendous change in life of the people. Now a days everything goes online. Say it is a banking firm or shopping, everything has become online. This online fashion has also influenced education field too. Parents are in search of a good tuition for their students.

    Organic Chemistry:

    Carbon is the most studied element in the chemistry due to its vast application. Carbon has a special property called catenation due to which it produces varieties of compounds either by binding to another carbon or with atoms of other elements like oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulphur phosphorous and halogens.
    The branch of Chemistry which studies particularly about the Compound that are formed by reaction of carbon atom is called Organic Chemistry.

    Online Organic Chemistry:

    Online organic chemistry is nothing but studying of organic chemistry by the student through white board in a virtual environment. It provides tuition to the Student and helps them to attain high proficiency in organic Chemistry.
    TodayOnline Organic Chemistryare preferred by both the parent and the student because of the following reasons:
     Improve the grades.
     Independent way of studying.
     Enhances self-learning ability.
     Can study the subject basics properly.
     One on One teaching helps the student in proper understanding
     Develops Self-confidence and self-esteem,
     Child does the homework with help of the subject experts rather than the parent.
     To overcome the learning disabilities.

    Advantages of Studying Online Organic chemistry:

     Firstly, it is very convenient. Whenever you are in need of a tutor they are readily available.
     As it is one on one tutoring, the online organic chemistry tutor will bevery much dedicative towards the student.
     Online organic chemistryhelps you with your doubt in Organic Chemistry with the whiteboard, which has a varieties of tools through which the concept can be easily taught.
     As it is chat based teaching, instant benefit is provided.
     No home works, no black board and chalk piece, simply teaching through online mode.

    Study Online Organic Chemistry with Dr.R. Ramajayam:

    Enriched with 13 years of vast experience in Teaching organic chemistry Dr.R.Ramajayam, act as a superior guide for all your quest about Organic chemistry through online mode.Dr.R.Ramajayam, the founder of Academy7, is online organic chemistry tutor who will make the student develop a strong bond with the Organic Chemistry. The teaching methods employed by him to teach online Organic chemistry are highly simple and easily understandable one. As well versed Organic chemistry tutor, his teaching strategies helps you in clear understanding of the organic chemistry.

    Online organic chemistry class is conducted for Higher secondary, Undergraduate, Master degree, PhD students, 11th and 12th class organic chemistry. (All Boards), BSc, and MSc. Chemistry graduates, For Competitive exams like IIT-JEE and NEET.