Mr.Ramajayam is an approachable and caring  professor.  His thorough knowledge of the subject and simple ways to draw the focus of students is praise worthy.  He understands the immense pressure on the students and shares valuable tips with his students to face the challenges in getting good grades in examination.  He explains even complicated concepts   by real life examples.  Under his able guidance and support, students learn to develop genuine interest in the subject, handle insults from peer group in a better way and upgrade their performance.
Muthu (Parent)-2016

When I was first introduced to organic chemistry, I absolutely detested it. The lack of interest leads to a lack of learning. When I realized the implications of this, it was too late and 11th passed me by. I knew I had to take up additional classes but I did not want the traditional class room tuition. I wanted a more customized way of learning and this was what was offered when I took up Ramajayam Sir’s classes.
His knowledge of the subject is second to none. He is very patient and understands the needs of his students. He often relates chemistry with every day experiences which makes learning and retention of the subject easier.
Aishu (Student) -2017

My son is in his 12th standard in a CBSE school and he was having difficulties in understanding chemistry and he lacked conceptual clarity on subjects. When he underwent classes with Dr Ramajayam, he got a very good insight on basics. The teacher not only concentrates on the subject but he also molds my son in his personality development. He explains with simple examples even on tough concepts. He describes even the complex structures of Organic Chemistry in a novel way that my son is able to visualize and understand them. He not only coaches him for the Board exams but also prepares him to take up the Entrance exams. Chemistry was one subject which my son feared and was not confident about, but with this style of teaching, our major worry is over and I am sure if he continues to be under the guidance of Dr Ramajayam he would get very good score in his Board exams.
Kalaiselvi (Parent)-2017